[snk drabbles x2] not fealty


Notes: from the erejean KHR au. Teen Jean’s hit with the Ten Year Bazooka, meets TYL!mafia boss Eren. #2 is an old drabble from twitter written for tanya.

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[snk fic] the night shift


pairing: eruri
notes: pwp. modern au, very sleepy husbands. In the spirit of continuing to push months-old wips out of the nest haha. THANK YOU STAS FOR BEING A WONDERFUL BETA


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[snk fic/hp crossover] take two


Pairing: eruri
Rating: pg-13, makeouts
Notes: not a Valentine’s fic since it is clearly mid-March, but this has been in my wip folder too long like since tanya and v introduced me to this delightful conversation about hp and magic sex industry and consensual bedroom funtime potions forever ago. thanks stas for beta help!

Summary: Erwin and Levi as seventh-years at Hogwarts being awful boyfriends trying a love-at-first-sight potion because reasons. Reasons. 

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2013 fic meme / round up

Last to the party as usual, hey, here’s that thing people were doing!! I’d say if you haven’t done it do it but you’ve probably already done it. list excludes a few of the shorter fics/drabbles, and the masterlist over at DW is all up to date.

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fic post #6

(I want to do that 2013 fic meme but here are some old fics from last year I never got around to being held accountable for hahaha)

Assassin’s Creed

quad shots cafe | G, AC3 Templars run a coffee shop, Connor is a health inspector, and Charles is possibly the muffin man. 

school of business fraud | T, Johnson/Hickey, University teacher/student. They’re perfectly awful for each other. 

Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

Flush | T, Erwin/Levi, Strip poker; Levi cheats and Erwin loves it.

Yuletide reveals!

Tying the Knot for tanyart (Gentleman Bastard Sequence, M) Light bondage, developing relationships, smooching spy threesomes. Reynart shows the Salvaras the ropes. And then they show him.

Tooth, Claw, Kiss for renquise (The Young Maiden in Love Is a Carnivore, G). Dinosaurs, teen romance, Cretaceous love confessions. How do you say I love you to the girl you’ve been friends with since the day you were hatched?

and I think I forgot to “reveal” last year but here’s my fic from 2012:

And One More for the Road for dizzy_fire (Fallout: New Vegas, T), Post-apocalyptic road trip, found family, dealing with loss. Boone follows Lily into the desert to help search for her grandkids. 

[snk fic] One vs


Rating: NC-17
 Levi/Unnamed Male OCs, side of Levi/Erwin
Notes: Consensual gangbang, inspired by kinkmeme prompt for the same. 

Link: [AO3]

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[snk fic] happy birthday mr smith


Unedited 3am husbandporn, inspired with stasia.

Erwin gets a special surprise and some birthday spankings. Heavy petting, domestic fluff, light bondage, modern AU setting.

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[SnK fic] Give and Take

Rating: R
Pairing: Erwin/Levi
Notes: Cleaned up revised pwp bootlicking fic. 

“Are you really gonna leave lip marks all over my boots, Erwin?”

—> [AO3]

[snk fic] If at First (erwin/levi)

Rating: R
Notes: For the kinkmeme: First time sex starts out awkward and—in the true spirit of the series—gets much, much worse.


[snk] armistice (eren/jean)

Rating: T-ish
Notes: marcobutt prompted for Shadis punishing the boys for fighting by making them sleep outside in the cold which obviously leads to more fighting and also the need to say warm.

eta: now on [AO3]

inspired by THIS ART by insomniatakesover! Go check that out. Go.

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[SnK fic] Way More Than 10 Things Jean Hates About Eren



Rating: M
Pairings: Jean/Eren
Notes: For the kinkmeme. Drunken hatesex for Jean and Eren is really more like clueless fightsex where nobody knows what’s going on. 

—> [AO3]

…i’m so sorry

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[snk] untitled, erwin/levi

Rating: R
Notes: can’t seem to keep with anything long enough to finish so I tried writing awful pwp to get back into the swing. Unedited eruri boot porn, many thanks to you two you know who you are. Boot smooching/licking, d/s overtones, negligible bondage, mild dumb husband banter

ETA now on [AO3]

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